Sermon Outlines

The outlines are very fully-developed, making them ideal for personal study, young preachers, or men doing occasional fill-in appointments. Audio recordings are added to each posting after the outlines are preached. These outlines have been culled from the 1,482 sermons the author composed in a twenty-four year career.

Bible Class Booklets

ElectronicGospel makes these Bible class books freely available for use by churches and individuals. All the class books are in Adobe PDF format and are arranged for easy printing and collating. You need not request permission to reproduce these books for private or church use, provided that no charge is made for them.


These articles represent the most recent of the author's 1,171 commentaries and observations about biblical matters. They cover a myriad of subjects, ranging from first principles to discipleship to the character of the church to prophecy.


The author arranged for publication of a couple titles in paperback and digital versions. They remain available for purchase from at links on this page.

Children's Worksheets

These worksheets were prepared for use in teaching children by several authors.